As an acoustic performer, Aaron brings a strong but sensitive approach to each show. With traditional roots and percussive guitar technique, Aaron blends his original songs and interesting cover material with vocal honesty and passion.

A compact professional grade sound system support Aaron's dynamic style delivering every nuance of energy without over-powering a room.


The Prosser Road Sessions, is a collection of songs recorded at Aaron's old house in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. The Prosser Road Sessions began by attempting to capture the natural essence of Aaron's live performance in the empty rooms of the old farmhouse on Prosser Rd. These recordings were originally abandoned because of technical shortcomings. However, with requests from friends and fans, hoping to have some portable Aaron music to enjoy, The Prosser Road Sessions have emerged to fill the void. Audio purists beware; this is not an attempt at perfection, it's just a few notes ... from another time.

The Prosser Road Sessions were recorded in six nights from April through June, 1994 in Branchport NY. The house was but a shell, stripped to it's basic structure, setting the framework for the approach to recording these five songs. The Prosser Road Sessions began as a test run for a CD project that never happened and has been in the closet for ten years. All songs were recorded as a single take except "It's Your Choosin'," where overdubbing offered the control we were looking for. My good friend and live sound man, Neil Redden was the field engineer. Shortly after recording the Prosser Road Sessions, my life journey veered off in another direction, but that's a separate story.

A special thanks goes to my old friend Greg McGrath and Monk Sound, for his audio expertise repairing and mixing this project. This album is dedicated to my daughter, Caley Devitt Austin, who's life began on Prosser Rd., my faithful companion Tehonenoyhent, the "keeper of the door" and my new wife, Carol Ann Austin.